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What to Say at a Funeral

Published: January 6, 2023

If you’ve been asked to provide a funeral speech, also known as a eulogy, it can be intimidating and you may have some questions about how to do so. This is perfectly normal — public speaking is difficult enough for many people, even more so when you’re asked to speak at such a personal and emotional gathering. Here are some tips from Fort Worth Funerals & Cremations to assist you in preparing a heart-warming eulogy.

Where to Begin?

Starting a eulogy can be the most difficult part. One of the most natural ways to begin can be to tell a story about the person who has died. This could be a story about how you met, or a specific story that illustrates clearly the kind of person they were. It can help to make a list of memories you have that are touching, funny, or inspiring.

What Should You Include in a Eulogy

Sticking to a basic structure will make writing and delivering a eulogy more manageable, and will also make it easier for attendees to follow what you are saying. Most eulogies include three to five main points, and you should expect to spend a minute or two on each point. Common points that are included in eulogies are:

Stories that exemplify the personality and qualities of the loved one

Something the person said to you that you’ll never forget

Their interests and hobbies

The person’s biggest achievements in their lifetime

A eulogy doesn’t have to be a chronological retelling of a person’s life. Instead, you can base your eulogy around specific stories or moments that stand out from their life.

Final Words

Try to finish your eulogy with a final story that conveys something memorable or meaningful about the person’s life. It’s not uncommon to also include what you believe your loved one might say to everyone if they were alive and present with you today. This is also an appropriate time to end with a favorite song or poem.

Don’t Worry About Faltering

Nobody in attendance is going to expect you to get through your eulogy perfectly. It’s normal to fumble or become upset — take a deep breath and remember that you’re all present to grieve and remember collectively.

We hope these tips make delivering a eulogy easier. Find more tips in our blog, and please reach out to us for funeral and cremation services in Fort Worth.

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